• If you qualify, we would love to help you.

    Homeowner Information and Application Process

    Applications will be received until May 14th, 2021

    How do I apply for Assistance?

    Mission Devine is a nonprofit organization that brings together volunteers to repair the houses of elderly, disabled, widowed and veteran residents in the Devine Texas area. You can apply right here on this page (see online application below).


    How much will you have to pay for services?

    There are no fees to the homeowner for our services. All of the work will be done at no cost.

    What will be done to my home?

    This will depend on the homeowner’s needs and the abilities of the volunteers. Our Goal is to ensure your home provides a safe and warm environment. Work might include painting, carpentry, weatherization, window replacement, furnace or hot water heater installation, fixing leaky roofs, electrical and plumbing repairs, wheel chair ramps and more.

    Who does the work on my home?

    All work on your home is done by volunteers from throughout the Devine area. Of course, any assistance you, your family or friends can offer is always appreciated.

    When will the work be done?

    Due to the Covid-19 community restrictions This year’s program date has been postponed until further notice. We will update this information as soon as all restrictions are lifted and community gatherings are one again the norm. God Bless us all.

    When will I learn if I'm part of the 2021 program?

    You may be contacted in person, by phone or notified by mail whether your home has been accepted into the program. Upon approval, your home will be available for adoption. If your home is selected by a team, a volunteer will contact you to discuss your needs before our workweek is scheduled.