• "YOU are Needed"

    Become Part of Something Wonderful - Give of Yourself

    Team Leaders - Skilled

    • Skilled Trades professional volunteers are the backbone of our repair efforts, providing technical know-how with everything from roofing to plumbing, assessment to planning.

    Volunteer Helpers- Of all sorts and sizes

    • Service Volunteers step in when there are large projects that require a comparatively little experience. Examples include cleaning, painting, landscaping, moving furniture and appliances, etc.

    • Support Volunteers provide everything from; helping feed the many service volunteers throughout the workweek, to helping project leaders gather materials and supplies, to hospitality and homeowner support, to being on a prayer team

    • Everyone can make a difference! Help us provide a safe and healthy home to someone in your neighborhood. Volunteer today!

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  • "You Can Make A Difference"

    Donate Money


    Make your dollar go the distance. Every $1 you give helps to provide a safer and warmer home for a widow, veteran, neighbor in need.



    Join us in taking action by being an advocate neighbor for those we serve.

    Volunteer your Time and Talent


    Whether you're a group or an individual there are many opportunities to volunteer

    Social Stream


    Like, share, subscribe and tweet your desire to support our mission of helping your neighbors. Talk about helping those in your community with your family and friends. Use the power of social media to help us spread our mission and to stay informed. Share content that inspires you.



    We would be happy to attend your event to tell more about who we are and what we do.

    Help raise awareness of the elderly, widowed, veterans and others in your community who are in desperate need of home repairs but are unable to do the work themselves or can't afford to have them done. And request a representative from Mission Devine to speak at your next meeting or event.

    Corporate Involvement


    What better way to help those in the community where your employees work, play or live.


    Patrick Bourcier